Females Seeking Fat Loss & Lean Muscle!

Are You Ashamed of Your Body?

Do you find yourself wearing loose clothing because you're trying to hide the extra pounds and body you feel uncomfortable in?  

What if there was a training program specifically designed for females and their most common problem areas? 

One that helped you build strength AND confidence inside and out? 

Get your copy of The Complete Guide to Female Resistance Training - A 12-Week Program designed for female fat loss & lean muscle building for just $37! 

What You Are Getting in This Program...

A 12-Week Training Program targeting the most common female problem areas! 
​A complete explanation fo the challenges and benefits and benefits females face in fitness, specifically in resistance training. 
​Videos, explanations, and common faults and associated corrections for each exercise. 

12-Week Training Program

About Jordan Davies

Jordan is the co-owner of Complete Performance LLC alongside her husband, Brian.

After a few years of coaching, Jordan realized she cannot be the best coach of others without getting healthy herself. 

It was then she reconnected with her fitness roots and got back in the weight room. There she found her inner strength, self-love, and confidence and is determined to help other women do the same! 
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